ダンスカンパニー 《 Dance-SHAN 》

2001年 加賀谷香が主宰となり、コンテンポラリーダンスカンパニー Dance-SHAN の活動を始める。



2002年 NEXTREAM21、ダンスコンテストにて最優秀賞受賞。

In 2001 Kaori Kagaya's contemporary dance company Dance-SHAN began to be active.

The company has been exploring creation of works based on dancers' qualities, emphasizing atmosphere created by dance as language and space as environment.

Dance-SHAN is a group of dancers, with Ms Kagaya being the principal dancer herself, who have acquired a strong foundation of physical skills.The company, however, does not deal with technique or style of dance itself, or particular physical skills as theme. Rather, it presents many works with subtle and unique nostalgia as well as humanism that are peculiar to Japanese women.

The company has been noted for its dancers' advanced physical abilities and distinct characteristics; its style awakens in everyone a responsive cord.

The company was awarded the Grand Prix at the NEXTREAM21 dance contest in 2002.